Starvation unleashed in NJ / NY even though Bloomberg.

We’re going to see more people begging for help, even more chaos and even more tensions rising. The political elite shall, of course, continue steadily to ignore the suffering of true victims exactly like we saw in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. What we’re watching this is actually the failing of FEMA and Big Government to help victims in the aftermath of a devastating storm. What we are witnessing can be proof positive of the need for individual preparedness in an era of failed government. Red Cross turns up with scorching chocolate and cookiesYep, cookies! As if the interpersonal people there want hydrogenated oils, refined sugar and processed wheat to power through the apocalypse. The response of the Red Cross is an INSULT to the people of New Jersey and New York.Ken Davis, who manages an easy food restaurant in Austin, Texas, told the AP that he, as well, is suffering sticker shock. His $100-per-month, employer-provided strategy has been canceled as well and replaced by a plan which will cost him $600 per month . ‘I feel like they’re forcing me to do a thing that I don’t wish to accomplish or need to do,’ he said.. Cigarette smokers treated for brain aneurysm with coil embolization in higher threat of recurrence Cigarette smokers who were treated for cerebral aneurysms with coil embolization are in greater threat of developing another aneurysm, state neurological surgeons in Jefferson Hospital for Neuroscience in Philadelphia in the first-known study of its kind.